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Document Amendment Fees
Document Amendment Fees

When and why does Clara charge a document amendment fee

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Client's using Clara's incorporation services complete our online forms to provide us with all the information we need to prepare the incorporation application in the relevant jurisdiction. The Clara team then prepares anywhere between 10 to 20 documents for the incorporation application depending on the jurisdiction and the complexity of the structure. We also prepare the online application with the Regulator at the same time to ensure that we have everything needed to submit once the documents are signed.

We are able to keep our incorporation service fees low because we have streamlined the incorporation process through the use of technology and obtaining all relevant information in a single online questionnaire. However, if a client changes their instructions once they have submitted their online questionnaire, it requires manual editing to a large number of documents and the incorporation application which is time consuming.

This is why Clara charges a document amendment fee of USD 325 + VAT in the case that a client changes their instructions which results in the need to amend the incorporation documents and application.

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