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Working with Clara as a Referral or Reseller Partner
Working with Clara as a Referral or Reseller Partner

Clara works with a variety of UAE and International professional services firms to support their clients with company formation services.

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Clara works with service providers in the UAE and internationally to provide company incorporation services for their clients in two main ways:

  1. Referral Arrangement

  2. Reseller Arrangement

Referral Arrangement

The service provider refers their client to Clara and we will enter into a direct engagement with the client. The client can complete our online forms to provide us with the necessary information and documents, or a team member at the referral partner may complete this process on the client's behalf.

Reseller Arrangement

With the reseller option, Clara does not have a direct engagement with the service provider's client. The service provider engages Clara and provides all instructions and payments.

In order to use the reseller arrangement, the service provider and Clara will first enter into a Reseller Agreement that governs all client engagements. After this in place, each time a new matter comes up, a short Order Form will be prepared and signed by Clara and the service provider. It confirms the scope of the services and the identity of the client. Before we sign the Order Form we would collect the KYC information on the client for compliance approval. Once the Order Form is signed and payment received from the service provider, the service provider would receive a link to our online incorporation questionnaire to complete the information and documents that we need to prepare the application with ADGM.

Once the company is incorporated, the service provider can continue as the sole point of contact.

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