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Incorporating an ADGM SPV using Clara's concierge service
Incorporating an ADGM SPV using Clara's concierge service

This article describes the steps involved to incorporate an ADGM SPV using Clara's concierge service

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Our concierge service is available for clients who need to customise their incorporation with amended Articles of Association or appoint corporate shareholders at the time of incorporation.

The concierge service involves the following steps:

  1. Scoping: You will complete our online scoping form

  2. Know Your Client (KYC): You will provide the identification information and documents of the individual or corporate entity who will be our client via our online KYC form. Click here to see the information and documents required.

  3. Engagement & Invoice: We will issue our engagement letter for signature and invoice for payment

  4. Incorporation Questionnaire: You will provide the information on the new ADGM SPV (proposed name, directors, shareholders etc) via an online form. Click here to see the information and documents you will need to have to complete the process.

  5. Document Preparation and Signature: We will prepare the suite of incorporation documents for your review before they are sent via DocuSign for electronic signature.

  6. Submission to ADGM: We will prepare the incorporation application on the ADGM portal and submit to ADGM for review

  7. Incorporation!

To incorporate your ADGM SPV using our concierge service starts at USD 3,795 + VAT, which includes:

  • preparation of incorporation documents with up to two shareholders (additional shareholders are charged at USD 125 per shareholder);

  • preparation and submission of the incorporation application to ADGM;

  • incorporation, data protection registration and licensing fee of USD 1,900 payable directly to ADGM; and

  • provision of a registered office address and acting as the appointed Corporate Service Provider.

The concierge service is a more bespoke incorporation journey which does take longer and is more expensive than our Clara Platform journey. We would always recommend for speed, cost and efficiency to incorporate on the Clara Platform.

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