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How do I appoint Clara to manage my ADGM Tech Startup Licence?
How do I appoint Clara to manage my ADGM Tech Startup Licence?

This article describes the process to appoint Clara to manage your ADGM Tech Startup Licence and transfer in to the Clara portfolio

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If you would like to appoint Clara to manage your existing ADGM Tech Startup Licence, there are a few quick steps required:

  1. Change of Authority Form: we will prepare a change of authority form to be signed by the Authorised Signatory of your ADGM company. This will be submitted to ADGM and will provide Clara with sole access and management of the ADGM portal for your company. It is a condition of our service that Clara has the sole ADGM portal access for any company in our management and therefore your ADGM portal access will be revoked.

  2. Board Resolution: we will prepare a board resolution to be signed by the directors of the company approving Clara's appointment to manage your ADGM company according to our terms of service and approving a change of location of the company's records to Clara's registered office address as we will be taking over the management of these records at our office location.

These documents will be sent out via DocuSign for digital signature before being submitted to ADGM.

How much does it cost?

There is one compulsory filing when appointing Clara to manage your company and that is to update the address at where the company's records are located. A fee of USD 225 + VAT applies.

Once we have access to the portal records for your ADGM company, we will conduct a thorough review and recommend any other changes required and any applicable fees.

Otherwise, Clara does not charge any transfer-in fees and your next fees will be at the time of renewing your ADGM company or when you need to make any changes to your company.

How do I get started?

We will require some documents and information from you on your ADGM company so that we can complete our compliance review and prepare the documents required. You will need to complete our online questionnaire.

We will then issue our USD 225 + VAT invoice for payment and prepare the documents that need to be signed and submitted to ADGM. ADGM usually grants access within 1-2 business days from submitting the request.

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