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Transferring out of Clara's management
Transferring out of Clara's management

This article describes how you can transfer your ADGM company out of Clara's management

Updated over a week ago

If you would like to transfer your ADGM entity out of Clara's management, you will need to provide written notice of the termination of our services. Our terms of service require a 30 day notice period and any filings that fall due within this notice period will need to be paid and completed with Clara.

The following steps will need to be taken to complete the transfer out process:

  1. You will need to create your own portal account with ADGM if you will be managing the Company internally, or confirm the portal account details of your new service provider.

  2. Complete, sign and return to Clara a Notice of Revocation of Authority Form and the CSP cessation form.

  3. Once received, we will provide this form to ADGM along with confirmation that Clara will no longer be providing the Company with a Registered Office Address. You will then have 14 days from this point to file a change of registered office address application with ADGM in order to avoid incurring late filing penalties.

Once ADGM has removed the Company from Clara’s account, we will provide you with a termination of services confirmation letter and send through the Company Books before we close the file.

From the point of submitting the revocation authority form, Clara will no longer be able to provide any services to the Company and the Company will be solely responsible for all filings required to maintain the Company’s good standing with ADGM.

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