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Are there restrictions on naming ADGM companies?
Are there restrictions on naming ADGM companies?

This article describes the restrictions to be considered when naming your ADGM company.

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There are a number of restrictions that need to be considered when choosing a name for your ADGM company:

  1. Type of company

    1. if you are forming an ADGM SPV (holding company), then the company name must include "Holding Limited" to make it clear that it is a passive holding company and not an operational entity.

    2. you can not include words in the name that may mislead the public as to the nature or type of the company. For example, an ADGM SPV should not include words that imply it is an operational company, such as "managing" or "investing".


  2. Same Names: We will conduct a search of the existing company names registered with ADGM to ensure there are no exact matches that would prevent the name being used. If the same or similar name is an associated or group company, then consent may need to be demonstrated to use this name. You can search the register of company names already registered with ADGM using this link.

  3. Restricted Words: There are some words that you cannot include in your company name without receiving special consent from the Registrar. This means that your ADGM company name should not include any of the following terms:

    • ADGM

    • Registrar and Regulator

    • FSRA

    • ADNOC

    • Bank and Stock Exchange

    • Charity

    • Emirates

    • Insurance

    • Mubadala

    • Police

    • Sheikh

      You can see the full list of restricted words here

  4. Names of Continents, countries, and cities: The use of names of continents, countries and cities (anywhere in the world) is not allowed in ADGM company names. Although you could include "GCC", you would not be able to include any of the following words in your ADGM company name:

    • UAE or United Arab Emirates

    • Abu Dhabi

    • Al Ain

    • Ajman

    • Fujairah

    • Ras Al Khaimah

    • Sharjah

    • Umm Al Quwain

    • Gulf

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