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How to change your ADGM company name?
How to change your ADGM company name?

We describe the process and the fees to change your company name in ADGM

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To change a company's name, we would prepare a shareholder resolution approving the change of name and then this would be filed with ADGM. The change of name fee is USD 325 (including the USD 100 payable to ADGM for the filing fee).

When filing a change of company name, we need the information below:

  • Proposed Name: we will search the ADGM Company Register for any possible conflicts.

  • Acronyms / Special Words: if the proposed name includes an acronym, please elaborate on the meaning. If there is any particular meaning behind the proposed name, please provide the details.

  • Similarly name entities: are you associated with any similarly name entity in the GCC or elsewhere?

You may also want to consider amending the company's Articles of Association to reflect the new name. Filing a change of Company Name application does not automatically amend your Company's Articles so they will continue to show the old name. You will receive an updated Commercial Licence reflecting the new name, but you may also want to amend your Articles so that they reflect the new name.

This process can be done as part of the change of name so that you come out at the end of it with Articles, stamped by ADGM, reflecting the new Company name. The fee for this is USD 650 (including the USD 200 filing fee payable to ADGM). This isn't mandatory, but some clients prefer to do it at the same time.

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