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What are the costs of setting up an ADGM Foundation?
What are the costs of setting up an ADGM Foundation?
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Clara Formations offers a registration package starting from USD 2,795. This includes:

  • the registration of an ADGM Foundation with up to two Councilors and two Beneficiaries (above which, a USD 125 per additional appointee is charged);

  • the preparation of all registration documents and the registration application;

  • a registered office address for 12 months from the date of registration; and

  • the ADGM application fees.

The above package assumes the model Charter and By-laws are adopted. Customisation of these documents starts from USD 1,000. This includes one initial call and up to two rounds of review of the Charter and By-laws, beyond which additional work will be separately scoped.

The renewal fee is USD 1,795, including the fees payable to ADGM.

Event driven filings (e.g. filing a change of Councilor, Beneficiary or an amended Charter) costs USD 550, including the ADGM filing fee.

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