What are the costs of an ADGM SPV?
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Clara Formations offers an incorporation package starting from USD 3,295 which includes:

  • the ADGM application, data protection and licence fees of USD 1,900;

  • a registered office address for 12 months from the incorporation date;

  • the appointment of Clara as the SPV's Company Service Provider; and

  • preparing the incorporation documents and submitting the application to ADGM.

An annual renewal fee of USD 3,195 applies, which includes:

  • our professional service fees for filing the commercial licence renewal, the annual confirmation, the data protection renewal and the financial accounts;

  • a registered office address for a further 12 months;

  • the appointment of Clara as the Company's Company Service Provider; and

  • the USD 1,400 in licence renewal fees payable to ADGM.

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