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What is an ADGM Foundation?
What is an ADGM Foundation?
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An ADGM Foundation provides a cost-effective solution for a range of financial planning challenges and it offers great flexibility for a variety of purposes including wealth management, tax planning, asset preservation, family estate planning and business succession.

A Foundation is a legal entity, traditionally viewed as being somewhere between a trust and a company. The key features of a Foundation are:

  • Distinct legal personality: allows for separation of liability between the Founder and the Foundation. A Foundation can hold assets and can sue or be sued in its own name.

  • Asset control: once the Founder establishes a Foundation, assets are transferred and become a property of the Foundation. Unlike a trust, a Foundation safeguards the Founder’s ability to exercise control over the Foundation assets.

  • Asset protection: Foundations are designed to preserve the Foundation’s assets from bankruptcy claims, claims in the event of divorce and from the effect of forced heirship rules.

  • Perpetual existence: the Foundation continues to exist perpetually after the death of the Founder.

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