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What is included in the SPV renewal fee?
What is included in the SPV renewal fee?
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An annual renewal fee of USD 3,195 applies for ADGM SPV, which includes:

  1. the use of our registered office address;

  2. our appointment as the Company Service Provider for your SPV;

  3. preparing and submitting the following to the Regulator:

    1. the commercial licence renewal;

    2. the data protection renewal;

    3. the annual confirmation statement; and

  4. filing the annual financial accounts.

Our renewal fees also include the USD 1,400 in licence renewal fees payable to ADGM for the renewal filings listed above.

If you need to make changes to the details of your company during the renewal process (including director or shareholder personal details), additional fees may apply to file these changes. Should you require our assistance to file for the annual Economic Substance filings with the Ministry of Finance, our service fee is USD 495 (ex VAT) for the annual notification and USD 895 (ex VAT) for the full substance report.

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