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What are the annual renewal fees for an ADGM entity?
What are the annual renewal fees for an ADGM entity?

Information on Clara's annual service fees and the annual fees charged by ADGM

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Licence Type

Clara Fee (excl. VAT)


Total Renewal Fee (excl. VAT)

Special Purpose Vehicle

USD 1,795

USD 1,400

USD 3,195

Tech Startup (Seed Stage)

USD 1,645

USD 1,200

USD 2,845

Tech Startup - Emergent Stage

USD 1,645

USD 4,500

USD 6,145

There are some costs excluded from the annual renewal package, including:

  • Lease fees for tech startups which is payable by the ADGM entity directly to the relevant landlord. ADGM SPVs do not require a lease and can use Clara's registered office address and there are no additional fees charged for this.

  • Visa fees for Tech Startups who sponsor employees

  • Fees should you wish to use our third-party bookkeeping service for the preparation of the company's financial accounts. The filing of the accounts with ADGM is included within our annual fee.

  • Fees associated with the filing of the economic substance filings with the Ministry of Finance.

  • Fees associated with filing changes to your company during the year (event driven filings) are charged according to our fee schedule.

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