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How do I transfer shares on Clara?
How do I transfer shares on Clara?
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If you have transferred shares in your company to a new or existing shareholder, you can follow the steps below to update the cap table to reflect this transaction.

Please note that you should work with your company manager or legal counsel to make this share transfer legally effective. Just updating your cap table on Clara is not sufficient.

If you company manager is Clara, please reach out via live chat for further assistance.

1. Click on Shares

On the Equity tab, navigate to the Shares section.

Click on Shares

2. Click on the ID

Select the shareholder who will be transferring shares (the "Transferor").

Click on the ID

3. Click on Manage

Click on Manage

4. Click on Transfer

Click on Transfer

5. Populate Share Transfer Form

Populate Share Transfer Form

6. Select the stakeholder

Please select the recipient of the shares (the "Transferee"). If the stakeholder is not in the drop down menu you will need to go back and add a new stakeholder first.

Select the stakeholder

7. Select transfer type

Select “full transfer” if all the shares held by the “from stakeholder” are being transfered or “partial transfer” if only some of the shares are being transferred

Select transfer type

8. Enter number of shares

Enter the total number of shares that should be transferred

Enter number of shares

9. Enter price paid per share

This should be agreed with the Transferee. Typically this is the par value of the shares in the company.

Enter price paid per share

10. Attach supporting documents

Attach legal and company documents associated with this transaction.

Attach supporting documents

11. Click on Save

Click on Save

12. Review Transaction

The share transfer will appear in the Transactions section of the Shares page in Draft. It will not appear on the cap table while in Draft.

Review Transaction

13. Click on Menu

You can use this menu to Publish, Edit or Delete the transaction.

Click on Menu

14. Click on Publish

Once you are ready to proceed with share transfer, select Publish.

Click on Publish

15. Confirm you are authorised

Confirm that the details are correct and that you have authority to make changes to the cap table on behalf of the company. Press Cancel if you want to make further changes or do not want to complete the share transfer.

Confirm you are authorised

16. Click on Publish

Click on Publish

17. Review Cap table

The cap table will auto-update once the share transfer has been published.

Review Cap table
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