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Build your cap table: How to add a share position
Build your cap table: How to add a share position
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Once you have set up your Clara profile, you can start to build your cap table. Please make sure you have added a company to your profile and indicated who the shareholders and directors of this company are.

This article explains the key steps you need to take to add share positions to the cap table for a company that has already been set up ('existing company').

If you have not yet set up a company, you can choose the 'From company' option to incorporate a new ADGM, Cayman or Delaware company on the platform. If you form a company on Clara, the cap table will be set up automatically.

1. Click on Equity

Your cap table can be found via the Equity tab

Click on Equity

2. Go to share classes

The first step you must take is to tell Clara about your share classes.

Go to share classes

3. Click on Add an existing share class

Click on Add an existing share class

4. Tell us about your share class

You will this information in the constitutional documents of your company, for example the Articles of Association or the Register of Members.

Tell us about your share class

5. Review the share class

The share class will be saved in Draft mode, please review the details and ensure the information provided is accurate.

Review the share class

6. Publish the share class

Once you are confident the details of the share class are accurate, you must publish the share class to be able to use it to issue shares. If you need to make changes, click Edit.

Publish the share class

7. Click on Shares

Click on Shares

8. Add an existing share position

Use this button to add a share position to your cap table. You will be able to issue shares to the shareholders of the company you have added to your Clara profile.

Add an existing share position

9. Tell us about the share position

Choose the shareholder from the drop down menu. If you have not added all the shareholders yet, return to the Map and add the missing stakeholders. You can find this information in your constitutional documents (e.g. Articles of Association or Register of Members).

Tell us about the share position

10. Review share position

Your share position will appear in Draft mode. Please review and ensure the details provided are accurate.

Review share position

11. Publish share position

Once you have reviewed the details, you must publish the share position.

Publish share position

12. Click on Cap table

Click on Cap table

13. Add all share positions in your company to the cap table

Repeat steps 8 to 12 for each share position. There is no way to bulk import share positions currently, each position will need to be added manually.

14. Click on Cap Table

Once you have added and published all share positions, click on Cap table to review.

Click on Cap Table
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