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Is Delaware the right jurisdiction for me?
Is Delaware the right jurisdiction for me?
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Flexible ownership structure:

A Delaware C-Corp only needs one shareholder and one director, and this can be the same individual. Multiple classes of stock are permitted and there is no requirement to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM). There is no minimum capital investment requirement at the time of incorporation.

Foreign ownership:

A Delaware C-Corp can be set up by persons or entities, whether based in the US or abroad. Delaware allows for 100% foreign ownership.

Office space:

There is a requirement to have a Registered Office, Clara arranges this for you as part of our incorporation service.


Delaware is not a tax free jurisdiction. There is no state tax other than the annual franchise tax. You could be subject to federal taxes on income, dividends and upon a sale. Always seek legal and tax advice to understand any consequences of setting up in Delaware.

Commercial Law:

Delaware has a well-founded reputation for a strong and impartial judiciary that are experienced in resolving commercial disputes.


Delaware C-Corps can be set up within 1 to 2 days.


Delaware does not require documents to be attested or legalised when incorporating. When setting up operating companies in other jurisdictions (e.g. UAE or KSA) and transferring ownership you will need to go through the legalisation process of the other jurisdiction.

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