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Is The Cayman Islands the right jurisdiction for me?
Is The Cayman Islands the right jurisdiction for me?
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Flexible ownership structure:

For non-regulated pure equity holding companies (a typical holding company) The Cayman Islands only needs one shareholder and one director and this could be the same individual.

There is no minimum capital investment requirement at the time of incorporation. Multiple classes of shares are permitted and there is no requirement to host an Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Foreign ownership:

Cayman allows for 100% foreign ownership. Cayman Island Exempted Companies with Limited Liability companies the shareholders and directors must be living overseas and conducting business predominantly offshore.

Office space:

There is a requirement to have a Registered Office which Clara can provide as part of our incorporation service.


Cayman is a tax-free jurisdiction. There is no corporate, income, capital gains, property, excise, payroll, or any other tax on money earned outside of the territory.

Common law:

The Cayman Islands is a common law legal system based on English law, it enjoys a well-founded reputation for a strong and impartial judiciary that are experienced in resolving commercial disputes.


The Clara platform digitises the Cayman incorporation experience and improves the efficiency of the process. If all your incorporation and KYC documents are in order, you can expect that your new company will be incorporated in one week.


Cayman does not require documents to be attested or legalised when setting up a holding company in the Cayman Islands. When setting up operating companies in other jurisdictions (e.g. UAE) and transferring ownership you will need to go through the legalisation process. Clara can assist with this process.

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