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Is ADGM the right jurisdiction for me?
Is ADGM the right jurisdiction for me?
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Some of the benefits of setting in ADGM include:

  • Flexible ownership structure: The ADGM SPV regime requires no minimum share capital, no maximum number of shares or shareholders and multiple classes of shares are permitted. There is no requirement to hold annual shareholder meetings.

  • No foreign ownership restrictions: There are no restrictions on the nationality of share ownership. In addition, if an ADGM SPV is wholly-owned by GCC nationals, it will be considered a GCC national for the purposes of onshore UAE foreign ownership restrictions (where minimum levels of UAE national ownership are prescribed at law). Companies incorporated in other traditional offshore jurisdictions (e.g. BVI or Cayman) are considered foreign nationals for the purposes of these foreign ownership restrictions.

  • No requirement to take office space: ADGM SPVs only need a registered office address which Clara Formations provide as part of its incorporation (and renewal) package.

  • Tax: ADGM is generally a tax-free jurisdiction (noting that VAT came into effect on 1 January 2018). There are no corporation, transfer, capital gains, inheritance, withholding taxes or restrictions on the repatriation of profits from ADGM

  • Common law legal system: ADGM is an independent, English language jurisdiction with its own civil and commercial laws and court system. It is a common-law jurisdiction that is based on English law.

  • Speed – online incorporation: The application and incorporation process is entirely digital and achieved using an online portal. If all your incorporation documentation is in order, you can expect that your new company will be incorporated within a week. The ADGM Registration Authority aims to provide simple and efficient incorporation and registration process.

  • Documentation: Generally speaking, there is no requirement to have corporate documents attested and legalised to establish an ADGM SPV.

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