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How do I incorporate an ADGM SPV with Clara?
How do I incorporate an ADGM SPV with Clara?

You can incorporate an ADGM SPV on the Clara Platform or use our concierge service

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Clara offers our clients two methods to form an ADGM SPV:

  1. using our highly automated and streamlined process on our Clara Platform for a fixed fee of USD 3,250 + VAT; or

  2. using our online concierge service which starts at USD 3,750 + VAT.

The Clara Platform has been designed to give you the fastest and cheapest incorporation journey. Click here to read more on why the Clara Platform process will benefit you.

To use the platform, you must:

  • incorporate your new SPV with individuals only,

  • use the ADGM model Articles of Association and issue ordinary shares only on incorporation; and

  • pay for the incorporation by credit card.

Corporate shareholders and amendments to the Articles of Association can take place after incorporation.

If you do not qualify to use the Clara Platform, please click here for further information on incorporating your ADGM SPV using our concierge service.

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