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An Introduction to Website Privacy Policies on Clara
An Introduction to Website Privacy Policies on Clara
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Data is a big deal – let your website users know exactly what information you’re collecting from them, and what you plan to do with it.

What is a Website Privacy Policy?

A Website Privacy Policy gives website users clarity when it comes to the data you collect from them: what information you collect and how, and what you plan to do with it. This privacy policy follows the provisions of GDPR. Even if GDPR does not apply to your startup’s business, having a compliant privacy policy shows your customers that you’re serious about protecting their privacy rights.

Why generate this document?

If your website collects people’s personal data, you’ll need a privacy policy. Does your website simply advertise your company and the products or services you offer (i.e. it acts only as an online business card)? Then there’s no need.

What does the Clara Website Privacy Policy do?

  • Describes what personal data your startup will collect from users of your website and how you will collect and use it.

  • Sets out who else will see or use the personal data, including any transfers of the personal data to others and whether a user can opt out of sharing it with those third parties.

Additional info

If your startup is not required to comply with GDPR, you can remove the references in the privacy policy to ‘data protection officer’ and replace them with ‘data privacy manager’.

If you are collecting health or other types of sensitive personal data, you should take legal advice on whether this policy is suitable for your startup.

This document will be generated as a Word document, ready for you to copy and paste into your website’s content management system.

Clara recommends...

  • Taking local legal advice on the data protection laws which apply to your startup to ensure that your privacy policy covers your startup's activities.

  • Making these terms easy to find on your website.

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