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An Introduction to Website Cookie Notices on Clara
An Introduction to Website Cookie Notices on Clara
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Ensure that your startup complies with legal requirements concerning cookies and personal data.

What is a Website Cookie Notice?

A cookie notice lets website users know that cookies (a type of online tracking technology) are in use, and asks for consent to continue using them.

Why generate this document?

In some jurisdictions (e.g. the EU), there is a legal requirement to provide a cookie notice. If the use of cookies results in the handling of personal data, data protection laws (e.g. GDPR) may also apply. Having a cookie notice on your website helps ensure that your startup complies with those laws.

What does the Clara Website Cookie Notice do?

  • Describes what data the cookies stores, why they store this data, and where this data is sent.

  • Provides the necessary text to inform your website users that they can block or allow cookies using settings in their internet browser.

  • Provides example text to guide you in describing each individual cookie. You’ll need to know the name and purpose of each cookie and how long it lasts on the user’s system and replace these placeholders with the relevant information.

Additional info

This document will be generated as a Word document, ready for you to copy and paste into your website’s content management system.

Clara recommends...

  • Making the Website Cookie Notice easy to find on a user’s first visit – draw users’ attention to it when they first visit your website.

  • Investigating which cookies you currently use on your website and why, including those set by third parties (e.g. advertisers).

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