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Are my ADGM company details publicly available?
Are my ADGM company details publicly available?
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The ADGM Registration Authority maintains a public register that allows third parties to see the following information regarding a company registered in ADGM:

  • Company name (and any previous names), registration number and registration date

  • Business activities of the entity

  • Good standing information about the company, including its commercial licence expires and when it last filed its annual confirmation statement and accounts

  • the registered office address and mailing address for the company

  • the names of the directors and their appointment dates

  • the names of the current and former shareholders

  • basic information regarding the data processing activities of the company

  • the filing history of the company (without any details on the content of the filing, only the classification of the filing)

What information is not publicly available?

  • The name of Ultimate Beneficial Owners (for example, where there is a corporate shareholders, the owners of that corporate shareholder are not publicly available on the ADGM register)

  • The names of the company's Authorised Signatory

  • The number or value of shares held by each shareholders

  • The personal details of any shareholder or director (only their name and appointment date is visible)

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