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Forming your company in Cayman
What are the ongoing costs for a Cayman Island Exempted Company?
What are the ongoing costs for a Cayman Island Exempted Company?
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Once your Cayman HoldCo is incorporated, you will have two types of costs:

  1. Event-driven filings

  2. Annual filings

Event Driven Filings

Most changes to the Company triggers filing obligations with the Cayman registrar which are usually time sensitive in nature and must be submitted in the required time frame to avoid late filing penalties.

Common changes include:

  • A Director or Authorised Signatory or Shareholder changes their residential address;

  • A change in Director or Authorised Signatory appointments;

  • A change in shareholders or issued share capital following a share allotment or share transfer; and

  • An amendment to the Articles of Association or a change to name of the Company.

Should you expect any such upcoming filings, please approach us in advance to advise you of the filing fees, process, and requirements.

Annual Filings

An annual renewal fee of USD 2,353.66 applies, which includes:

  • Our professional service fees for filing the company renewal and the annual return

  • A registered office address for a further 12 months

  • The appointment of Clara as the Company's Company Service Provider; and

  • Government fees payable to the Cayman registrar.

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