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What KYC is required for Cayman?
What KYC is required for Cayman?
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Below is a list of items you will need to provide for KYC review:

  • Contact information: Email and phone number

  • Personal details nationality(s), date of birth, residential address, and profession.

  • Proof of Address: For example, a utility bill or bank statement. Click here to read a more extensive list.

  • Passport copy: Please include both pages of the passport.

  • Nature of business: a brief statement summarising the nature of the business (e.g., LegalTech)

  • Shareholder Source of Funds: The source of funds statement should indicate how that person has built up wealth. Click here for more detail.

  • Tax Declaration Form: This is only applicable to USA national or residents. We will provide a template if required.

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