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What information does Clara collect when forming a Cayman company?
What information does Clara collect when forming a Cayman company?
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During the formation process you will be asked to provide the following information about the new company:

  • Proposed Name

  • Nature of the underlying business: Please provide a summary of the business activities of the underlying business. Please provide as much information as possible.

  • Operating Company Name: Please list any operating companies you have incorporated. If none, please leave blank.

  • Share issuance: Please decide how the shares should be divided between the shareholders.

Individual Stakeholders:

  • Contact information: Email address and phone number

  • Personal details: Nationality(s), date of birth, residential address, profession, CV or LInkedIn URL.

  • Proof of Address: A utility bill or bank statement. Click here to read a more extensive list.

  • Passport copy: Please include both pages of the passport.

  • Source of Wealth: The source of wealth statement should indicate how that person has built up wealth. Click here for more detail.

Once submitted our team will reach out to set up a video call to certify that the passport and proof of address documents are true copies.

Corporate Stakeholders:

  • Company Details: Company name, company number, date of incorporation

  • Company Directors: Add all the current Directors of the company

  • Corporate Signatory: Nominate one Director to sign on behalf of the company

  • Certificate of Incorporation

  • Articles of Association

  • Register of Members

  • Register of Directors

  • Official Document - e.g. Certificate of Good Standing or Incumbency. If you don't have one, trade license. If none are available, please re-upload the Certificate of Incorporation to complete the task.

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