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What type of companies can Clara help you incorporate?
What type of companies can Clara help you incorporate?
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Clara assists clients setting up holding companies and tech startup licenses in ADGM, DIFC and Cayman Islands.

Holding Company

In ADGM, we assist clients with setting up Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) which are passive holding companies that hold shares or assets such as real estate and intellectual property. An SPV cannot be used for active commercial activities and it cannot sponsor employees. There are eligibility requirements for an ADGM SPV.

In DIFC, we assist clients with incorporating Prescribed Companies (PC) which are flexible corporate vehicles used as holding entities within wider transactions, financing or asset holding structures. There are eligibility requirements for a DIFC PC.

In Cayman Islands, we assist clients with setting up exempted companies which are flexible and versatile holding companies that are quick to set up and easy to maintain.

In Delaware, we can assist with setting up a C-Corp which is a popular type of company for venture backed startup setting up in the US.

Tech Startup

In ADGM, we help our clients with the incorporation of ADGM Tech startup licences. These are low cost operating licence for early stage technology-driven startups with innovative business concepts. There are eligibility requirements to apply for an ADGM Tech Startup licence.

The DIFC Innovation Licence is a sector agnostic low-cost operating licence available to all technology and innovation startups. The licence was introduced to encourage entrepreneurship in the region and remove cost as a barrier for entry. There are eligibility requirements for a DIFC Innovation Licence.

For other types of entities, including non-financial and financially regulated entities, foundations and family offices, or incorporating in other locations, we can refer you to a trusted partner.

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