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An Introduction to Non-Compete Agreements on Clara
An Introduction to Non-Compete Agreements on Clara
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Protect your startup from the threat of team members starting up on their own (or with a competitor), with an unfair competitive advantage.

What is a Non-Compete Agreement?

A Non-Compete Agreement usually includes non-compete and non-solicit provisions, to prevent a team member from engaging in work which could compete with your startup while they work for you, and for a period of time after they leave. It also stops them from poaching employees from your startup to work with them after they leave.

Why generate this document?

Protect your startup's commercial interests by preventing team members from taking your hard work, and other team members, with them if they leave your startup.

What does a Clara Non-Compete Agreement do?

  • Stops a team member from engaging in any competing activities (through a non-compete provision).

  • Stops a team member from poaching your startup's employees, customers and suppliers away from your startup towards themselves or someone else (through a non-solicit provision).

  • Applies to team members while they are working with your startup and for a period of 2 years after they leave.

  • Is governed under English law with a dispute resolution mechanism using expedited ICC arbitration procedures to be held in a place you can select in the form.

Clara recommends...

  • Ensuring that every founder and any senior team member has entered into a Non-Compete Agreement with your startup’s topco – many potential investors will require this.

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