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Can I use a nominee to be my ADGM Authorised Signatory?
Can I use a nominee to be my ADGM Authorised Signatory?

You can use a nominee as your authorised signatory and Clara can provide nominee services in most circumstances

Updated over a week ago

Clara can provide nominee ADGM Authorised Signatory services in most circumstances.

All ADGM entities must appoint at least one Qualifying ADGM Authorised Signatory who is a UAE Resident or GCC National. This is a requirement under the ADGM licensing regulations. You can appoint more than one signatory and any additional signatories are only required to have entered the UAE in the past two years. Click here to read more about the role of the ADGM Authorised Signatory.

If you do not have a person who is a Qualifying ADGM Authorised Signatory, Clara can provide nominee services for an additional fee of USD 700 annually. You should note the following to use our nominee services:

  • you need to have at least one person who has entered the UAE in the past two years who will be appointed with our nominee. This is important because if the Company becomes non-compliant with our terms of service, we will remove our nominee and this can only be done if there is another Authorised Signatory registered with ADGM,

  • our nominee will be appointed with your secondary signatory with 'single authority'. This means that the individual you are appointing will have single signing authority in the event that their signature is required. This should not be often, if at all, but some banks will still want a signature from the ADGM Authorised Signatory. Our nominee will not be involved in signing any company or commercial documents,

  • the ADGM Authorised Signatories for a company are listed on the commercial licence for the company. For further information on the role of the ADGM Authorised Signatory, click here,

  • once a founder or team member has their UAE residency, you may like to replace our nominee. To do this, we will prepare a resolution to approve the change and obtain a resignation letter from our nominee. A fee of USD 550 + VAT applies to remove our nominee and appoint a replacement and this includes the USD 100 filing fee payable to ADGM.

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