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How do I modify the roles of a stakeholder?
How do I modify the roles of a stakeholder?
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You can change the role each stakeholder has in a company via the stakeholder profile. You can add a new role, edit the details of an existing role, or delete a role from a stakeholder profile.

The types of roles available are: Shareholder, Director, Founder, Employee, Consultant, Advisor, Investor, and Third Party.

If a stakeholder is no longer occupying a role (e.g. an employee leaves the company), the best approach would be to edit that role and state that they are no longer in the role and input an end date.


1. Click on Map

Click on Map

2. Click on Go to profile

Click on Go to profile

3. Click on Roles

Click on Roles

4. Click on Edit

Click on Edit to edit the details of that stakeholder role. You can add in a date for when the stakeholder started the role, and a date for when the ended in that role.

Click on Edit

5. Click on Delete

Or, you can delete that role from the stakeholder profile. This will remove the role permanently from the stakeholders profile.

Click on Delete

6. Click on Add role

You can use this button to add a new role to the stakeholder profile. A stakeholder can have multiple roles (e.g. a stakeholder could be both a shareholder and a director).

Click on Add role

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