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What is unissued pool post-money percentage?
What is unissued pool post-money percentage?
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Series A investors will often look at the size of your unissued option pool that you have before you raise money from them. They want to make sure that this unissued pool is large enough that you will be able to attract and maintain top-level talent.

Investors will some times ask you to top-up your unissued option pool before they give you money so that you do not have to do it after you raise money which would dilute their ownership of your company.

For this tool, you will want to put in the total percentage of your cap table that should be made up of unissued options after you raise money. For example, an investor might say “I want you to have 10% of your cap table after your raise set aside for unissued options”. In that case, you would enter “10” in this field. The tool will look at the current size of your unissued pools from your existing cap table and if you need to reserve extra shares on top of that to make sure that you have the “unissued pool post-money percentage”, it will add those reserved shares in the “Pool top-up” row.

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