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Forming your company in ADGM
What types of ADGM entities can Clara set up?
What types of ADGM entities can Clara set up?
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Clara assists clients incorporating ADGM SPVs and Tech Startup licences.

An SPV is a passive holding company that holds shares in other companies or holds assets including real estate and intellectual property. An SPV cannot be used to conduct operational business or hire employees.

An SPV is not suitable for all applicants and eligibility requirements should be considered.

Tech Startup

A Tech Startup Licence is a low cost operating licence for early stage technology-driven startups with innovative business concepts. There must be an element of technology creation, rather than a startup only using technology to provide a service or sell a product.

For other types of entities, including non-financial and financially regulated entities, foundations and family offices, we can refer you to a trusted partner.

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