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What information do you need to create a Cap Table?
What information do you need to create a Cap Table?
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Identify what types of equity you have issued, whether in the form of shares, options and convertible instruments. Answer the following questions:

  • Who are the shareholders of your company? Do they own different classes of shares (ordinary share, preferred shares)?

  • Who are the option holders? Do you have an employee share option plan? Have you issued options to advisors and consultants?

  • Has your company issued convertible instruments and who are the holders of these?

Include a summary of the holders of each type of equity, including:

  • Name of the equity holder.

  • Date on which the equity was issued.

  • Number of shares issued or the number of shares to which the option or convertible instrument relates (e.g. an option to acquire X number of shares).

  • Date on which the security was sold, transferred, cancelled or other event if it is no longer outstanding.

  • Price: how much the equity holder paid (or will pay) for the security.

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